LPO 41

Who are we ?

1- What is the LPO?

The LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) is today one of the leading associations for the protection of nature in France, acting daily to safeguard biodiversity, beginning with its vocation, the protection of birds.

The LPO was created in 1912 to put an end to the massacre of puffins in Brittany. This marine bird has since become the organisation’s symbol. The LPO was recognised as a public utility in 1986.

In the same year  Allain Bougrain-Dubourg became president of the LPO Since then the LPO has continued to develop, multiplying its activities throughout the territory of France, working continually to “protect birds and the ecosystems on which they depend”.

Today, the LPO consists of:

  • On the national level:

45,000 members who receive a six-monthly bulletin LPO INFO.

35,000 subscribers to the magazines L’OISEAU and L’OISEAU Junior, a special publication on birds of prey of France (RAPACES de France) and a specialised ornithological periodical ORNITHOS.

5,000 active volunteers

  • On the regional level:

The LPO is present in 21 regions:

  • -35 local associations
  • -11 groups
  • -10 offices
  • -7 rescue centres, one office and 2 mobile care units
  • -10,400 LPO refuges (16,400 ha)

carte implantation lpo

With its network of local associations, the LPO manages (figures are for 2013):

23,219 ha (on 171 sites) consisting of :

  • 1,695 ha (on 60 sites) owned
  • 17,722 ha (on 40 sites) managed
  • 3,104 ha (on 69 sites) managed under covenant
  • 13 national natural reserves (14,542 ha)
  • 10 regional natural reserves (2,388 ha)
  • First managed site: natural reserve of Sept-îles
  • Biggest managed site: natural reserve of Moëze-Oléron (6 812 ha)
  • 4,650ha farmed by 316 agriulturalists

The LPO is the French representative of BirdLife International, the global alliance which unites more than a hundred associations for the protection of nature with a total membership of 2.3 million worldwide.

Since 2009, the LPO headquarters has been in the building of the Royal Foundries. The building was constructed in 1688 and has been restored according to an ecologically responsible architectural model.

With its 45,000-strong membership and 5,000 volunteers, the LPO is today one of the leading associations for the protection of nature in France.

2- The Group ‘’LPO 41’’

2.1 Who are we?

  • 300 members
  • Around 20 volunteers
  • 92 private refuges
  • 7 refuges run by institutions

The group LPO 41 was founded in 2010 by Didier Nabon. Today the LPO in Loir-et-Cher has around 300 members and Didier Nabon is their delegate, supported by some twenty volunteers.

Members of the Bureau

André Peschard, Armel Guillier, Bernard Mesjan, Didier Nabon, Gérard Révolte, Henry Borde Jean-François Neau, Patrice Margat, Thierry Normand

Members of the Steering Committee:

Alain Callet, Annick Bompays, Annick Royer, Didier Loyer, Ewa Jankowska, Jean-Pierre Doreau, Jean-Pierre Martinez, Martine Neveu, Michèle Biver, Patricia Margat, Odile Fève, Peggy Daubignard.


2.2 What is an LPO refuge ?

An LPO refuge is a public or private space on which the owner has committed to respect the Refuges Charter.

Its owner encourages biodiversity through the amenities provided and by good management practices.

lpo-refuges-41 Son propriétaire accueille la biodiversité par des aménagements et des bonnes pratiques de gestion.

2.3 The need to protect and develop biodiversity


List of refuges managed by establishments in Loir&Cher
Date of the covenant Date of renewal Name Commune Manager/contact person Adress Proportion of total area of land taken up by refuge Surface area (in square metres)
02/05/2011 Jardin de Chaumont Chaumont MmeColleu-Dumont Chantal Mme Emanuela Fréalle Domaine Régional de Chaumont sur Loire Parc du Domaine 166729
12/05/2011 00/00/2015 Camping des Saules Cheverny M. Cherrier Laurent Camping les Saules, les Saules, 41700 Cheverny toute la propriété 80000
04/02/2012 Les Métamophozes Valaire Mme Le Gall-Gallou de Terruel 3 le Prieuré 41120 Valaire toute la propriété 7700
2012 MARPA de Monteaux Monteaux Mme Lecomte Michelle MARPA Pierre FOUQUET-HATEVILAIN 14, rue de l’Abbé Pitié 41150 Monteaux toute la propriété 1500
23/02/2012 00/00/2015 CDSAE d’Herbault Herbault M. Pecker Sébastien (directeur adjoint) CDSAE du val de Loire 3, rue de la Forge41190 Herbault toute la propriété 288648
04/06/2012 EHPAD la Salamandre  de Romorantin  (Association AGGEVIE) Romorantin M. Avenière 26, Mail des platanes  41200 Romorantin Lanthenay toute la propriété 18000
29/10/2012 La Closerie de l’Aventure Cheverny Mme Maslard Pascale 2 chemin Canetterie La Closerie de l’Aventure 41700 Cheverny toute la propriété 60000
14/11/2012 Lycée Horticole de Blois Blois Mme Darjo Patricia (Directrice) 5-7, rue des Grands Champs 41029 Blois CEDEX toute la propriété 66921
07/06/2013 Lycée des metiers d’hôtellerie et du tourisme Blois M. Abatte (proviseur) M. Luglia Rémy 174, rue Albert 1er 41000 Blois cedex toute la propriété 1000
03/01/2014 Résidence l’Ecureuil La Chaussée St Victor M. Albert Jean-Louis Jean pierre Klapczynski (Responsable Vie Sociale Animation) 3, rue des grèves 41260 la Chaussée St Victor toute la propriété 8000
22/07/2014 EHPAD le Grand Mont Contres Mme Pointet Christine  (Directrice) Adeline Cahier Anne Marteau 8, avenue de Sologne 41700 Contres toute la propriété 20000
IME les Basses Fontaines Crouy-sur Cosson M. Jean-Luc Améaume Les Basses Fontaines, 41220 Crouy-sur-Cosson toute la propriété
SAAJ Cellettes établissement pour adultes handicapés dépendant de l’ADAPEI Papillons Blancs Cellettes Mme Danielle Hubert-Cars   (éducatrice) 23 rue de Beauregard Cellettes
collège Joachim du Bellay Montrichard Mme Hélène Hamelin
03/02/2016 Particulier Saint Julien sur Cher M. Arnaud Vatinel Les Gravouilles Saint Julien sur Cher toute la propriété 51090
Particulier Chaumont sur Loire M. Frédéric Pichery 6 rue des Arnaises 41150 Chaumont sur Loire